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Little Life in Lexington

2018 Goals

Little Life in LexingtonKayla NordComment

I've said it before, but seriously where has the time gone? I graduated high school in 2008... almost TEN YEARS ago and I swear I just looked up and it's 2018. 

It is crazy to me... but I really wouldn't change anything. I grew so much in 2017 and I am so thankful for where I am today. I can't wait to get started in 2018!! Lots of BIG THINGS are happening!! 

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Goals for 2018. (I'm trying to call them goals and not resolutions... because who ever sticks to their resolutions? Not me.)

1. Be intentional with my time.

 (I.E. don't sit on my phone for hours, be present in the moment, plan each day and stick to it, spend more time outdoors and with the ones I love!)

2. Actually work out and find something I enjoy.

(This has always been tough especially after being an athlete my whole life... I HATE working out, so I really need to find something that interests me! If you have any ideas PLEASE HELP!)

3. Grow in my spiritual relationship.

(I'm in an awesome Bible Study group, but would love to find more connections within my church and definitely start reading the Bible more!)

4. Travel as much as possible (duh).

(John and I have a few things in the works, but it always gets hard with weddings, teaching, and painting! We are planning a couple big trips this year and I cannot wait!)

5. Organize my life and business.

(I really plan to get organized and intentional with how I set up my business. Things like taxes and figuring out finances make me panic, so I really need to work on this. I tend to get distracted by things that are more fun, but this year I plan to set up a better system to keep me organized. In the long run it will help so much!)



There you have it, nothing crazy, but a few things I would like to improve on in 2018! I keep seeing a pattern within these and I think my word for this year needs to be INTENTIONAL. Intentional with my time; intentional in my relationships; and intentional with all aspects of life and business! Thanks for reading and I wish you THE VERY BEST in 2018! 


Kayla :)

Springhouse Wreath Workshop

Little Life in LexingtonKayla NordComment

My absolute favorite time of year is here... and so is Springhouse's Live Wreath Making Workshops! For me, this really kick starts the beginning of the Holiday Season. 

There's nothing quite like the atmosphere and good times had while making a live wreath in the old stripping room in the tobacco barn. The wood burning stove is warming the room, Christmas music is playing in the background, the smell of live greenery in the air.... all while sipping on your favorite beverage-- mine being some hot apple cider and bourbon. Ahhhh.... it just doesn't get better!

My parents have done a great job of creating an inviting space combined with an informative and easy DIY that results in the prettiest wreath! The wreath always lasts all winter-- which is a huge bonus! I usually take the Christmas bow off and leave the wreath up well into January! All of the greenery is also locally grown and sourced from Springhouse! 

Here are some pictures of the process and The Barn! Almost all of these photos were taken by my sweet friend, and AMAZING photographer, Brooke Bailey of On A Whim Photography. You can stalk her incredible photos HERE!

The rest were taken during our fun Lexington Blogger Workshop! Love having a network of beautiful and talented ladies to share these experiences with! 

So... what are you waiting for?! Grab a friend or two and head over to SpringhouseGardens.com to save your spot this season!! There are preset dates and times, but if you have a group of 7 or more you can sign up for a private party.  It is an experience that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas!


Kayla     :)

Cookies by The Crumbled Cookie Lex!! @TheCrumbledCookieLex

Cookies by The Crumbled Cookie Lex!! @TheCrumbledCookieLex

Popcorn and goodies by Mrs. Roger's Fabulous Favorites! @MrsRogersFabulousFavorites  www.mrsrogerspopcorn.com

Popcorn and goodies by Mrs. Roger's Fabulous Favorites! @MrsRogersFabulousFavorites www.mrsrogerspopcorn.com


Styling the Perfect Pallet Table

Little Life in Lexington, HOW TOKayla Nord2 Comments

Happy Hump Day! I am beyond thrilled to FINALLY share our Springhouse Blogger Brunch pictures and to include a little styling guide on how to achieve a Pinterest Perfect Pallet Table! Say that five times fast-- haha! And if you're spell checking me, palette is what google told me is what an artist uses and 'pallet' is the wooden thing you stack stuff on... I was shocked too! ;)  

As you may know, my family owns The Barn at Springhouse and we coordinate events and weddings there! It all started as a Garden Center (Springhouse Gardens) 22 years ago, and just recently (2 years ago) after my wedding became an event venue also! 

We host all kinds of parties and events, but one of my favorites (duh) was a couple weeks ago when we hosted the Lexington Bloggers! 

I wanted everything to be very chic & bohemian, so I went to Pinterest for some inspiration! I had seen pallets used as tables before, so I started searching, "pallet picnic" and found some great ideas. From here, I scavenged my own house and my mom's house (Thanks Mom!) and came up with the basic layout and style for the table. 

I have come up with a list of necessities to help you style your own pallet table, or even your dining room or outdoor picnic table!


  • Candlesticks (gold vintage ones are my favorite) 
  • Greenery (we cut from our Katsura tree- but Eucalyptus is ideal)
  • Votives 
  • Mason or Ball Jars
  • Flowers (wild or bought- Trader Joe's has great cheap ones)
  • 2 Candelabras
  • Lace Doilies 
  • Tiny vintage plates & extras
  • Place settings - (placemats, plates, gold silverware, napkins) 
  • Neutral Pillows and blankets (Thanks Miss Molly Vintage)

Styling the Perfect "Pinterest" Pallet Table:

To make the table high enough, but still Moroccan style, we stacked (who I am kidding-- John and my Dad stacked) 3 pallets on top of each other and in a row to make one long table. We used 15 pallets. I made sure to put the prettiest and best quality pallets on top, aka I annoyed John until he put the correct one where I wanted it. LOL.

From here I began arranging the placemats in a random order around the table. Since there were 21 of us, I had to mix and match neutral placemats from my Mom's collection and my own, but it worked due to the bohemian feel of the table. 

Next, was the greenery that my Dad cut from the Katsura tree. We laid it sparsely across the table in both directions to act as the runner.

In the meantime, my Dad was also cutting random flowers from the garden and my Mom was arranging these flowers in our Ball Mason Jars! Trader Joe's flowers would also work if you don't have an abundance of gardens around and a really cool Dad & Mom who are basically florists! LOL! 

We put the candelabras and candlesticks on next, placing them evenly throughout the length of the table, and then scattered the doilies around these, to add a little extra texture. As my Mom finished each flower arrangement, we put these on the table in between the candlesticks. 

The finishing touches for the table were the votives and extra tiny vintage dishes that we placed around randomly. The key is to balance everything, but not to overthink it, especially because we were going for the bohemian look. 

Once the table was complete, I began putting the place settings together. We brought white plates and gold silverware. Half the silverware was John's Grandmother's and the other half was from Miss Molly Vintage! 

Finding 21 cloth napkins was a struggle, so we mixed and matched some neutral and patterned ones. As an extra touch for the place settings, I painted a picture of The Barn a week before and had prints made to go on top of the plates. This was part of each person's place setting which I set on top of the napkin and then placed their name card on top of that. 


The final touch was the name place cards that I made the night before. I grabbed a pack of these white tags here from Michael's and used this beginners calligraphy pen here (also from Michael's). I had all the names written out (I just wrote in cursive with that pen- nothing fancy) and found some thin lace ribbon from Michael's, similar here.  

I cut lavender, sage, and rosemary out of my garden (about 25 sprigs of each). When I got to The Barn, I began cutting the lace ribbon into about 8inch long strips. I used the lace to tie a sprig of lavender, sage, and rosemary onto each name card. I placed one of each of these on top of my barn print, on top of a folded napkin, on top of the plate to create our place settings!

I hope this post helps you create your perfect Pinterest table! Feel free to leave a comment or a question about where I got something or anything you want to know! I find mostly everything from flea markets or are hand-me-downs from my Mom! It definitely helps to have a Martha Stewart Mom who has the best style and keeps all kinds of decorative things around! It also, helps to have an incredible venue and gorgeous gardens around to cut flowers from! Thanks again Mom & Dad (Debbie and Richard Weber), for all your hard work to make this blogger brunch happen! You all are the REAL MVPS!!!! Also BIG shout out to my husband, John, for being the muscle behind the operation! :)

For a brunch -- I mean -- bunch more (LOL)  on our #SpringhouseBloggerBrunch check out this list of AMAZING Blogger's that attended and their individual posts about our brunch! 

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Special thanks to all the vendors who contributed to our special goodie bags: Shop Local KY, Miss Molly VintageAJ ApothecaryShop TwentyMorton JamesSpringhouse GardensWhole Foods Lexington, and Kentucky Yarnbirds. Our brunch was held at The Barn at Springhouse in Nicholasville, Kentucky. All photos taken by Kirstie Dunston Photography unless noted otherwise.



Spring Inspiration

In the Studio, Little Life in LexingtonKayla NordComment

Hi friends!! Sorry for the long absence of a blog, but I have been way busier than anticipated!! So, don't mind me as I blow the dust off of this section of my website and oil up my rusty writing to share with you all how excited and inspired I have been feeling lately......

Ahhhhh, I know, I know.... an artist and her inspiration.... so cliche. But don't you guys have those moments when you are scrolling through Pinterest and you just get so pumped up to go create something? ...That feeling of endless possibilities and inspiring plans that you can't wait to try?!

I have been feeling like this a lot, so I thought I would share with you all what has inspired me this week and how it is impacting life in general!

So naturally I have been getting super excited for all things Spring (duh.) It is such a beautiful season of new beginnings, rebirth, and freshness! The little bit of warm weather that we had last week made me feel like a totally new person... and made me want to run and frolic through flowery trees......

....kind of like here. lol. Thanks On a Whim Photography!

....kind of like here. lol. Thanks On a Whim Photography!

Springtime really is one of my favorite times of year, and a time that I think just about everyone wants to redo their decor, clean out their closets, and get a fresh start with everything! 

This is the time of year I actually start working out (thanks hot yoga!) and want to get rid of all my possessions in order to have a fresh and uncluttered house. 

Anywho, I wanted to share some of my favorite pins with you all and my recent inspiration board in my studio. I perused Pinterest for a while and that is when I realized there was a definite pattern here. Every single pin that I was saving was springy & blush colored. Looking at these made me giddy and got me excited for the warm weather, decluttering my house and for all my paintings that are in the works!

(ps... how cute are those floral sandals?! They are only $16 at Shein.com.... you're welcome.)

After looking through all these, I decided I needed to create a physical version of this in my studio (ahem, my upstairs bedroom) to look at and get that creative spark while I was painting.

I had always thought this process was overrated, but after completing it and staring at it for a few days, I realized how much it helps! As much as I love a good Pinterest board, there is nothing better than touching and visualizing all of your ideas with a physical board in front of you. I hope to be able to share these more often to show you all my creative process!

....Because I am usually so busy I never saw the importance of getting prepared for a project, but it totally helps! Who knew! Even if you are redecorating your house or trying to complete a room, printing things out, pulling pictures out of magazines, using paint chips, fabric swatches and making a mood board is a great way to bring your ideas together. I highly recommend it! Plus, it looks really cool and can get you in the mindset to create!

It also gives you a reason to continue hoarding random notes, pictures, cards, etc! ;) (The rest of my boards came from Home Depot in the paint swab section! These are great for mixing and matching colors together and really seeing what works before diving in to a painting or before decorating a new room....)

If only I had known how helpful these were a long time ago! Here are some of the paintings I have been whipping out because I have been so inspired! I am actually heading to Michael's here in a bit to purchase said blush paint because I am all out. (This is becoming a problem.)

Not only have these boards impacted my artwork, but they have impacted my decor and wardrobe!  I have found myself dressing in all blush and putting blush flowers all over my house (sorry John)

.... so as you can see I am somewhat obsessed! This below is in our bedroom... I wasn't feeling the painting I had there so I repainted over it and threw some flowers in this room! It feels like a brand new space!


Enough about me....! What inspires you all?! Do you have any good tips for getting ideas and thoughts together? Do you have a good pinterest board that I should follow!! Please let me know!! 

....Well, happy decorating, painting, and living!! Have a great end of your week and a wonderful weekend, friends!


To make living itself an art, that is the goal.
-Henry Miller


Kayla :)