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How To Take & Edit Amazing Travel Photos as a Couple or While Traveling Solo!

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Hey friends! The question I get asked all the time is how we take and edit our photos when we are traveling! I’ve actually had people ask if we take a photographer with us… which is both hilarious and also the best compliment ever!!

The majority of the time when we are traveling, it is just the two of us, so we have to get pretty creative when trying to capture the moment + both of us! There have been a few times we have had friends, family or a guide with us that have taken our photos— so that’s nice, but you still have to know how to coach them to take a good picture. I hope these steps below will help you all with your travel photography— or even photography at home

HOW TO: Pack for 2 - 4 Weeks In Only a Carry-On Bag

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Well this post has been in the works for LITERAL YEARS— but I think this will be such a useful guide for any trip, for any length of time, to literally anywhere.

John and I learned very quickly that the cost of checking a bag is expensive, ESPECIALLY if you are going to multiple destinations and flying in between multiple cities. Checked baggage can be anywhere from $30-$80 EACH WAY…. and if you’re like us and traveling in one area for multiple weeks— that ADDS UP!

Therefore, we mastered the art of packing everything we need for 2 weeks to 1 month—(or honestly longer) all in a carry-on… and I am still able to look stylish all while being comfy. I very rarely re-wear the exact same outfits on these trips, because I plan out different combos to make new outfits each day with the same pieces.

Ahem….. I plan it out the night before. I am sure you read that word plan and imagined me weeks before planning each detail and outfit and that is not the case lol. PROCRASTINATION STATION OVER HERE.

One Week In Peru!

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Hey friends!! I am finally getting around to posting this— always takes forever to write these things.

Also, it took me like 3 weeks just to get back into the groove of life after returning from this trip! Traveling internationally is a lot of work! ESPECIALLY while trying to juggle a business back home.

Anyways, I wanted to tell y’all all about our trip and how AMAZING it was!! We have been planning to go to Peru for several years, so we were super excited it worked out for this year’s “Spring Break” trip.

Travel Guide to Cuba

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Hey friends! Happy 2019! 

Can you believe how fast 2018 went? Yikes. They say every year older you get, the faster time goes… not cool with that. ESPECIALLY because I turn 30 this year.



But anyways, we ended 2018 and started 2019 on such a fun and relaxing note— CRUISIN’ TO CUBA!

John and I have always wanted to go to Cuba… well, at least since it’s been opened back up— so we were determined to get there some how and soon, before it all started to change! It got a little harder to get there this year, but we found a way! John’s parents also wanted to go, so they came with us!

Styling a Fall Table

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Look at me, y’all!! Another blog post!! I told ya I’d start cranking them out!! LOL… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… who knows if this will last!

But alas, it’s finally the best time of year— FALL!

In the past, I have waited way too long to switch my house decor over from the summer decorations to the Fall. Then before I know it, it’s time to put the Christmas stuff out— but NOT THIS YEAR! This year I am prepared— (probably because I have one less full-time job— SHEW! Life is good!!)

Anywho, I decided I really wanted to keep my blue & white ginger jars out for my Fall table. (But let’s be honest— I really have no where else to store them now that I’ve bought 3,000 of the dang things.) So they will be used again for this season, with a little updating.