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A Night at the Kentucky Castle

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One thing in the winter that starts to get to me is not being able to get out and see and experience new things. This is probably when I start wanderlusting (I know this isn't a word, but I'm going to make it one!!) the most and start planning trips to anywhere and everywhere for the spring and summer.

Luckily, this winter John and I went on a little adventure for our "Valentine's Day celebration" just down the road to The Kentucky Castle! From our house in Lexington, it took about 10 minutes to get there-- but it felt like we were in another country!

It had snowed all weekend, so the castle looked absolutely BEATUIFUL! Ever since I was a little girl I have always wondered what the inside looked like and wanted to stay a night there. So much so, that I put "Stay a Night in the Castle" on my bucket list! You can imagine how excited I was to be able to spend the afternoon and evening exploring this amazing place!

Back in July 2017 the castle came under new ownership, a group of five local people, and has been updated into an amazing boutique hotel, restaurant, and event venue. Everything inside has been redone and updated, but has kept the charm and history of the original castle. A huge staircase, beautiful chandeliers, and large bright windows make the entry hall absolutely spectacular. Not to mention, when we got to our room it was PERFECT! The mission of the Kentucky Castle is to make each guest feel like family, and we can vouch for this-- the hospitality was impeccable!

We lounged around the room for a little while (because it was amazing) and then headed out to explore the grounds! On Sundays and Mondays the owners give tours throughout the day and also offer a dinner tour. We grabbed a drink at the bar and joined the 5 o'clock tour. Usually Brian (one of the owners) would have showed us around, but he and his wife were busy having a child! They showed us a couple of the different rooms that are offered (the individual chalets were super cool!), we walked around the grounds (it was freezing, but we didn't care... well I didn't-- John was being a baby lol!) and watched the sunset from the rooftop! I loved learning more about the history of the castle and how it came to be built outside of Lexington, Kentucky. They also told us some of the famous and royal people that have stayed there (I won't give it away, so you'll have to go on a tour!!). We then had a buffet dinner in the ballroom and the food was delicious!

John rolled his eyes at me A LOT, but it was definitely a *princess-worthy experience*... LOL! 

Overall, our experience staying at the Kentucky Castle was remarkable and I would recommend it to anyone! They have many events and promotions each month such as the Daddy/Daughter Princess night ((DAD I KNOW I'M ALMOST 30, BUT TAKE ME PLEASE!? lol)), murder mystery parties, and even a special Valentine's Day package! With Valentine's day coming up in a few short weeks, it would be a great place to spend the weekend with your special someone! Follow this LINK to find out more about their Valentine's Day packages! 

To check availability and pricing you can also find all of that HERE. On off days (Sunday-Thursday) all rooms are half price-- which is a great deal!! But you can find everything you need on their website! 

One last thing that NEEDS to be talked about is their restaurant! Did you know the castle has a full service restaurant open Tuesday-Saturday!? Making reservations is the best bet because the dinning room isn't huge, but I cannot wait to return for dinner again soon! They are working on becoming the world's best farm-to-table restaurant and are already sourcing from local farms in the area. The Kentucky Castle's goal is to start growing their own food on the 55 acre property complete with a truffle farm, chicken coop, full garden, and livestock!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our pictures below! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU again to the Kentucky Castle for hosting us for the night! It was an experience we will never forget!! 



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